Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year can I prune my trees?

Tree pruning can be performed at anytime of year. However, there are a few species that should be trimmed in the late fall or early spring. These include the American elm, non bearing fruit trees and bearing fruits.

My tree's health seems to be in decline. How do I make the correct decision on whether to prune it or remove it?

If you are concerned about your tree's declining health, have us come out and do a tree risk assessment for a small fee to give proper diagnosis of your tree's health. There are a few signs of a tree dying, which our tree care specialists will look for during the assessment.

Is A & R Tree and Landscaping LLC licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed locally and in most surrounding cites. We are also insured!

What happens to the tree debris once it leaves my property?

Our certified arborists clean up the tree debris. We chip it up on site and dispose of it at a local dairy farm to make compost. Recycle & reuse!

My tree was written up by the city for code violations. Do you know how to bring my tree up to city code?

We can assist with these matters as we work with many local towns to br